Sometimes I find myself worried that I am going to work too hard and hurt my knees or get shin splints or twist and ankle. I’m watching biggest loser and I am seeing the trainers for the most part totally ignoring claims that people are going to faint or that their joints hurt or that they are going to puke. They just keep pushing them further. It got me thinking. Being afraid of injury is not reason to not get in shape. Shin splints go away, and ankle can be taped. Bad knees can be avoided… there are always other workouts to be done that avoid stressing the knees. 

What can not be cured is diabetes, heart disease and stroke. These things are death sentences and if there is any way that you can reduce your risk for any of them you should do it. Fitness is the best route and you might need to stay off a limb for a couple of months or ice your shins but at least you are alive. 

This should be obvious but you know, denial and complacency are VERY compelling. I’m just working to eliminate my own excuses and maybe help other people eliminate theirs. 



I’m leaving the house with a regular bra rather than a sports bra for the first time in forever! SO much working out. Needless to say I am carting my workout clothes with me. Working again today! 


Hit my Girl up with some love

If you have a moment please send my friend Miss Mercury some love and support. She is rocking her fitness challenge for this month and taking the time to be supportive to me and other people on her life. She told me to join Tumblr and fitblog. She told me that watching the biggest loser is really inspirational and she pushed me to do a month challenge for june. All of these things have been really helpful to me, actually they have been more helpful than anything else! Love you girl! 


Help! Question about sore muscles!

I introduced some new movement into my workout two days ago. It was a free weight type workout which I know is better to workout complex muscle groups. Anyway… I am really sore two days later. My question is, do I work these muscles out once (or twice) more before changing it up to give them a rest, or do I rest them right away? I’m not so sore that I can’t do the movement. I am feeling the soreness when I walk up the stairs to me apartment or turning on the faucet. I am wondering what is best for muscle development. I know I can always come home and soak afterwards. 

Any advice would be awesome! 

Work out… to be a badass! 

Work out… to be a badass! 




Surprise! A sunny day when it was supposed to rain! Here is my calendar that I made for my month challenge. It is so much fun sticking that sticker on there every day! I am 5/6 so far. I missed my cardio one day. I am still so peeved about it that I am pretty damned sure it wont happen again! 

Some fun stuff planned for this cardio…

-Climbing Multnomah falls and past up to beacon hill next Sunday

-Trail running in Forest Park this weekend

-Climbing at Smith Rock State Park in a couple of weekends. Three days of hiking and climbing, swimming and using nature as my own personal bitch. I will be an adult child this whole time. I’m going to eat orange slices and water melon, try to tight rope walk with hippies on shrooms… try shrooms? Maybe. run around trying to catch snakes and lizards… yes please! Yoga looking into the Monkey face… Double yes!!!! 

Such a wonderful day to lay around on the field after a workout and chat about our camping plans, hiking South Sister and the end of the summer… so good! 


I’m about to eat a cheese burger… and LOVE IT

I’m still totally on track for my month challenge. I’m in a brew pub about to eat a burger but I am drinking an unsweetened Iced tea instead of a giant beer. I still plan on getting my 20 min of cardio in tonight. I think it is going to be one of those nights where I stay and do abs and strength too. I’m not going to feel bad about this, I refuse to. I am sticking to my goals. Too many time people set out totally unrealistic goals for themselves. I refuse to do that anymore because that has always been a huge problem for me in all areas of my life… school, work and health. 

What led me to this burger though? I need to know for my next months challenge when I take on a new goal. Sitting through a really long class of people presenting was one thing… two of those people presented on Portland Oregon food cart culture which is… lets face it… the best street food in the world. 

Also, my house doesn’t have veggies in it. It’s been too long since I have shopped and I have been eating them like crazy but my life is busy and when picking shopping or working out I have been picking the workout… which I think is the right choice. So how do I make sure that I have a store of veggies for these times? I think I will invest in some frozen stuff for the pinch. 

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