My month Challenge

This month I took my measurements and weight on the 1st. Pics taken today (i’ll share when I am done) 

Height - 6 feet

Weight - 210.6

Waist - 36 inches

Thigh - 26.5

Arm - 14

Hips - 45

Calf - 17

The goal is to not drink any alcohol this month (hard because it is the end of the school year and lots of people are celebrating) Do AT LEAST 20 min cardio every day and avoid the scale. 

I made a chart and I put stickers on if for every day I manage all three of those goals. 

I missed one day of exercise and it’s killing me! I WILL complete this goal! If I hit 90% complete I get a pair of vibram five fingers. 

Thanks for reading and wish me luck! 


30 Day Challenge

Why not… I like to blog everyday to keep myself on track so I might as well have some direction! 

All of the stats I know are that I am 6 feet tall and 210. I can run a mile in about 12 min. Hoping to drop weight and improve that time! 

Day 1 - All of your stats

Day 2 - Reasons for getting healthy
Day 3 - Favorite healthy foods
Day 4 -Best quotes to live by
Day 5 - Top 5 motivations for your goal
Day 6 - Favorite exercises
Day 7 - Music you listen to when working out
Day 8 - Favourite time to work out
Day 9 - Unhealthy habits you would like to break and why
Day 10 - How you see yourself in one year
Day 11 - Best way to relax
Day 12 - Favorite healthy drinks
Day 13 - Favorite healthy recipes
Day 14 - 5 things you are looking forward to after reaching and maintaining your goals
Day 15 - 15 exercises you’ve done throughout the first half of this challenge (If you havn’t done any .. Start them now!)
Day 16 - Favorite place to exercise
Day 17 - 3 things you cannot stand to see yourself do
Day 18 - 10 things you would tell to a fitspo beginner
Day 19 - Favorite fruits and veggies
Day 20 - 3 things you want to try after reaching your goals
Day 21 - 5 exercise that you’ve never done before but would like to try
Day 22 - Favorite machine/thing at the gym and why
Day 23 - What normally goes on in your head when exercising
Day 24 - Top 5 favorites moments of your fitness journey
Day 25 - How many hours of sleep you get per day, on average
Day 26 - How much water you drink per day, on average
Day 27 - Unhealthy foods that tempt you and how you stay away
Day 28 - The first thing that comes to mind when you hear/see the words ‘fitness’/’health’/’fitspo’ and why
Day 29 - Unhealthy foods you don’t miss
Day 30 - Ending stats, overall feelings/comments

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