Sometimes I find myself worried that I am going to work too hard and hurt my knees or get shin splints or twist and ankle. I’m watching biggest loser and I am seeing the trainers for the most part totally ignoring claims that people are going to faint or that their joints hurt or that they are going to puke. They just keep pushing them further. It got me thinking. Being afraid of injury is not reason to not get in shape. Shin splints go away, and ankle can be taped. Bad knees can be avoided… there are always other workouts to be done that avoid stressing the knees. 

What can not be cured is diabetes, heart disease and stroke. These things are death sentences and if there is any way that you can reduce your risk for any of them you should do it. Fitness is the best route and you might need to stay off a limb for a couple of months or ice your shins but at least you are alive. 

This should be obvious but you know, denial and complacency are VERY compelling. I’m just working to eliminate my own excuses and maybe help other people eliminate theirs. 

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