Help! Question about sore muscles!

I introduced some new movement into my workout two days ago. It was a free weight type workout which I know is better to workout complex muscle groups. Anyway… I am really sore two days later. My question is, do I work these muscles out once (or twice) more before changing it up to give them a rest, or do I rest them right away? I’m not so sore that I can’t do the movement. I am feeling the soreness when I walk up the stairs to me apartment or turning on the faucet. I am wondering what is best for muscle development. I know I can always come home and soak afterwards. 

Any advice would be awesome! 


Barefoot running or support… Please help!

Hi everyone! I am trying to decide if I should buy barefoot shoes or go for something with support. I’ve been running for about 3 weeks and 2 weeks in got some hip pain that needed a bit of down time. My knees are not hurting but my shins do every once in a while. Should I use support to get my butt and heart in shape and then move to barefoot, or should I start off training barefoot right away… or should I never switch to barefoot? Please comment! 

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